We specialize in developing purpose driven Interactive content, AR and VR solutions, specially customized to your industry.

Why are we here?

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from Magic”.

Rayvector is an advanced tech company creating this magic in AR/VR.

Making the applications/platforms smart through AI/ML.

Making the systems secured through Blockchain.

Creating a parallel digital universe through Metaverse.

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19 Mar 2021

AR / VR : From having fun to creating business solutions

Some say it's the fourth wave of the tech era, some call it a gimmick, but surely the gimmick has proved itself for a big tech. With the pandemic minimising the everyday, one to one interactions, the implementation of AR/VR has moved from a “fun to have '' experience to a “must have '' technology, which might just change the way we interact with each other. From an eye candy fun experience to solving big business problems, technology has come a long way and furthermore to go. While businesses still suffer setbacks through lockdowns, these deep tech solutions can help…

17 Mar 2021

AR/VR as a part of your personal devices

Gadget love Today’s world literally runs at the touch of your fingers. As tech gadgets are becoming more compact and affordable, people tend to pack more of them into their daily bag. This keeps them productive on the go. Be it a simple PowerPoint, a business spreadsheet or a long computer code, you can do it while you wait at the airport terminal. Not only this, today’s arsenal of tech devices also fill the void of your day by connecting you to social space and a horde of digital entertainment. Progressing on this trend, let us peep into your future…

08 Mar 2021

How 5G is redefining the immersive experience

Imagine you are in Rome looking at the ruins of Colosseum. You put on your glasses and lo and behold! The Colosseum is in its full beauty like it was nearly 2000 years ago! You could not make it home for Christmas but still you are seated next to your family while they have dinner! Your kid who used to be shy is now chasing virtual butterflies out there in the garden with his friends!.. and the limits of use cases of 5G and immersive experience is virtually unlimited. Pic source: Qualcomm The quest to be connected in some way…

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