In today's fast paced world, every sector can benefit from our Interactive solutions. Our solutions are modular and future proof fashion allowing us to adapt and evolve along with the ever advancing technologies around us. Below are a gist of our offerings.


Start your Blockchain journey with us.

Blockchain is like internet in 90’s, as fundamental and as big as that. Blockchain industry is experiencing an incredible era of innovations. Its time for businesses and enterprises to position themselves with blockchain as concepts like cryptocurrency, DeFi, NFT becomes more widespread. Blockchain is set to change the way economy will operate.Rayvector blockchain services uses best practices to create and manage blockchain ecosystem in combination with new capabilities such as IOT, AI, AR/VR. Rayvector provides full services from consulting, research, design and development, implementation across industries.

Metaverse marketplaces combine the capabilities of virtual reality, Blockchain and NFT technology to create a virtual space and sell it as NFT to buyers.Rayvector is one rare company working on all these 3 capabilities.You need more than the best plan to achieve blockchain success. Talk to us to understand how blockchain can simplify your business problems.

Artificial Intelligence

Automate at scale and get fact-based insight to predict

Data driven decisions are the call of the day. Our AI technology competency open up a wide range of possible applications and business solutions that were just science fiction yesterday. We personalise the experience even for the masses thereby pushing your identity further and ensuring your brand resonate with each customer.

When integrating high-resolution computer graphics in VR or headset tracking using computer vision, we implement AI so that simulations and training could be analyzed more intelligently and there is better response to the user’s actions, resulting in a more personalized experience with precise feedback.


Teach in the most humane language

The future of Education should be immersive because 3D is the natural language of the human mind. You can now present knowledge in 3D space around students giving a crystal clear understanding of even the most complex concepts. Students would be able to interact with these life-like models, run experiments, observe simulations and much more.

Every learning mind starting from a preschooler to a professional will reap the benefit of Virtual and Augmented reality. Our custom built solutions for every grade, curriculum and syllabus is intended to provide an in-depth learning experience.

Real Estate

See before you start and sell before you complete

Showcase real estate in all glory to your clients without the hassle of arranging field trips. Now, not only can your client see the property in detail but can customize their dream house sitting on a couch. Allow them to flick switches, rearrange furniture, swing windows or even relax by the swimming pool before making that crucial decision.

You also minimize costs with efficient construction planning using our 4D interactive visualizations. Our augmented and virtual reality solutions help you visualize anything from a posh mansion to a high-rise building or a glamorous mall.

Industrial Training

Train fast and train better

Workforce training no longer needs to be an expensive part of your company. Use of Virtual and Augmented reality training solutions can multiply the effectiveness of training and at the same time reduce the cost incurred on training sessions. We can create realistic work environments like a high altitude platform or a claustrophobic underground tunnel or even a building on fire and train your workforce without compromising their safety.

Trainees can operate virtual machines, rehearse complex tasks, and experience all the failure scenarios without causing penny worth of loss. No matter what industry, Rayvector can build bespoke VR/AR training solutions for your requirement.


E-Commerce to V- Commerce

While e-commerce gives infinite options to your customers, it still lacks the hands on shopping experience of a physical store. While physical stores are really exciting, the limited options, trial room queues and fatigue can kill the fun. Now, give the best of both worlds to your customers with our Virtual shopping platform. We create realistic shopping experiences where your customers can swipe through products, try on a fashion wear and load their carts, all at the comfort of their home.

With ever changing themes, customizations and innovative presentations, your customers will never be able to log out to the real world.

Advertising & Marketing

Grabbing attention is gaining customers

Imagine your next campaign where Ads and banners can pop up your product in 3d instead of just an image. Every bus-stop and billboard will turn into a 3d interactive space for your audience. Endless possibilities lie with AR and VR waiting to be explored. The advertising industry is changing forever and Rayvector will help you unlock your next viral campaign in it.


Don’t just watch, immerse yourself

Entertainment now moves from being passive to immersive. Now with AR and VR, content can break out of the screen and surround your audiences. Our solutions can let your patrons tour the museums across the world, watch their favorite concert or enjoy a live streaming fashion show with the immersive medium. Stories can be told in 360 degree presentation as plots unfold around your viewers, and you can even let them participate in the story. Yes, Rayvector can bring all this magic to you.


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