Today we look at the Internet, tomorrow we will experience it.


Start your Metaverse journey with us.

The metaverse is essentially a merger between the online and physical worlds to create a virtual world .Merge the physical and digital world where your digital avatar becomes more prominent than the physical world.

We build sophisticated and visually interactive metaverse applications that are blockchain based and can help you build the perfect 3D virtual space and NFT marketplaces on decentralised platforms. This decentralised vision of the metaverse also means that companies can expand into an embedded internet with new easy-to-use devices.

We at Rayvector provide solutions for industries to:

1. Create your Digital company in Metaverse land.
2. Choose strategy to shape the company on Metaverse.
3. Launch your projects, events, products in the digital space.
4. Create immersive experience through AR/VR
5. Integrate Blockchain and NFT for seamless buying and selling globally.
6. Integrate AI to make the whole experience smarter, faster and logical.

Rayvector works with businesses and industries to identify the integration of metaverse to their strategies. Be it gaming, real estate, fashion, engineering, education and healthcare, we have a solution customised for you. Reach us to know more on how to integrate your business with the future of digital world.

How Rayvector is creating a Metaverse Ecosystem.

1. We at Rayvector use Blockchain to authenticate proof of ownership of your digital goods in both virtual worlds.
2. Rayvector with the help of blockchain enables users to tap into the wider crypto economy, making virtual items exchangeable for real economic value beyond the confines of the Metaverse.
3. Rayvector enables the user with NFTs to gain exclusive access to enter a given location in the Metaverse, as well as virtual property .
4. At Rayvector we use NFT on Metaverse to enable users with individual ‘ identities, property rights, and more.
5. We Rayvector use Crypto as a infrastructure layer that facilitates micropayments and secondary sales, making it easier to move money from inside and outside Metaverses.
6. We use Crypto-based economy windows that create real jobs that pay well enough to supplement or even replace traditional sources of employment.
7. We combine different aspects of AR and VR.and AI As a technology, to create Metaverse that is beyond reality.


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