November 20, 2020 Srikanth Avadhani

How are we different and Why are we here?

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Well, the past 3 years has seen a dramatic increase in the AR/VR solutions providers in the market. Then why should we exist?


Connecting my previous posts, we believe the 4th revolution will begin with AR/VR and AI. With 5G entry to the market, the markets shall now aim at the technological expansion and social change. But do we actually know the change that might come upon when we talk about technological expansion? especially when we talk about AR/VR? I am sure many companies would be lagging behind if its not understood now. Many see AR/VR as a flashy tech, it’s true, but it needs to be understood as to how it can generate value to the business. The unseen dots need to be connected. Well Rayvector helps to connect these unseen dots.


Let’s take an example of Real estate. Does a builder or a real estate company really know the possibilities he can use under AR/VR? Many think AR/VR provides a 360 degree panoramic view with close to the reality of your building or house. It’s true, but AR/VR capabilities go much beyond this. Do we know VR can actually help you do construction progress monitoring, managing timelines and project management? Well its remarkable as to how a real estate company can take control of progress and manage several projects. Beginning from planning ,design, logistics, construction, marketing and advertising, AR/VR can play a pivotal role at each stage of real estate in generating the required value. The same can be applied to various other sectors like education, manufacturing, Retail, education and training to name a few.


We at Rayvector provide consultation and develop end to end solutions for real estate. We might already have solutions for your business problem. We bring solutions that you are not aware of.


This is how we approach:

1. Focus on solving business problems
⦁ Don’t get distracted by the hype or novelty. Focus on understanding what VR and AR can really do for you right now to solve business problems.

2. Think about more than technology
⦁ An effective approach to VR and AR relies on more than technology, from what it can do, to how you implement it and how you get people using it. Think about and plan for all these things.

3. Plan for positive experiences
⦁ The successful uptake of a VR or AR solution will depend on how comfortable and intuitive it is to use. So plan with a great experience in mind, for everybody. Understand what concerns, questions or hurdles exist and address them proactively.

4. Measure and move forward
⦁ Measure the effectiveness, popularity and engagement of what you’re doing. Seek feedback and take it on board. Use it to refine your approach and improve your experiences.

5. Get stuck in


Liked our approach? Let’s talk to see where we can add value to your company.

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