March 19, 2021 Srikanth Avadhani

AR / VR : From having fun to creating business solutions

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic - Arthur C. Clarke

Some say it’s the fourth wave of the tech era, some call it a gimmick, but surely the gimmick has proved itself for a big tech.

With the pandemic minimising the everyday, one to one interactions, the implementation of AR/VR has moved from a “fun to have ” experience to a “must have ” technology, which might just change the way we interact with each other.

From an eye candy fun experience to solving big business problems, technology has come a long way and furthermore to go. While businesses still suffer setbacks through lockdowns, these deep tech solutions can help drive businesses.

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Every opportunity in the digital reality area can be classified to one of these subjects. Linking these to create an impactful, engaging, flexible and scalable solution that is customised and that works for each business is the challenge.


Take an example of a real estate project, beginning from the planning stage to architectural visualization, logistics / site management, construction progress monitoring, project planning, virtual staging, sales and marketing through immersive tours.

Each stage has a specific AR/VR solution which solves major business hurdles at each stage. But what does a real estate firm need among these? Do companies have enough knowledge to decide?

Companies today are still understanding how AR/VR can create value to their businesses. There are multiple stages in a product or a business life cycle where AR/VR can have a meaningful implementation. Yet, most companies aren’t sure where to begin, which problems to solve, or if AR VR is even the right technology to pursue. So it’s about getting this right approach about the tech that leads to business results.

There are many AR/VR companies that work on a particular core subject to develop solutions in AR/VR.

Well what’s our approach?

We bring a distinct focus on the opportunities that will result in the biggest impact in terms of investment in the context of your industry.

We at Rayvector study each company or industry, understand the business flow, advice and develop solutions as necessary. This gives companies a broader view of the technology and confident approach in addressing problems or developing new solutions. This approach makes companies more knowledgeable on tech and implement the right customised solution.

We are a team of experienced tech specialists who understand the technology and the future of your business.

We explore this new wave of technology with a specific focus on your needs and the best way to build a solution to solve your real world problems.

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