AI / Computer vision

AI / Computer vision developer

At Rayvector, we are looking for a talented AI / ML / Computer vision developers who can create cutting edge solutions.

Your responsibilities will include creating of advanced image processing and computer vision algorithms for a real-time computer vision applications.

Our ideal candidate will have 2+ years experience in Computer vision, strong knowledge of the relevant libraries and the analytical skills to solve the problems at hand.

Working across many different departments, this role requires a candidate with excellent communication skills, a pro-active attitude and a good team ethic to unify a common vision.


  • Research, design, develop and evaluate advanced image processing and computer vision algorithms for a real-time computer vision pipeline including but not limited to multi-object tracking, object detection and classification and segmentation
  • Maintain and improve our existing in-house algorithms and models, including continuous evaluation, gap analysis, re-training and fine tuning
  • Develop state of the art deep learning networks and architectures across data from multiple cameras and audio signals
  • Tasks will include training, evaluating, benchmarking and deployment into real-time pipelines
  • Optimize algorithm performance across a wide range of development platforms
  • Develop evaluation scripts to process and accurately measure algorithmic and end to end performance

Skills and Qualifications

    • Bachelors or Masters degree in Computer Science, Data Science or related fields with emphasis on CV/ML with a minimum of 1-2 years of industry experience
    • Strong Python programming experience, familiarity with software development best practices, debugging/profiling
    • Extensive experience with OpenCV, PIL, and other image processing libraries
    • Extensive experience with at least one main stream deep learning framework such as PyTorch and TensorFlow
    • Experience with writing production level code
    • Familiarity with data science toolkit such as jupyter lab/notebooks, pandas, bash scripting, Linux environment
    • Hands-on experience with different neural network architectures such as CNNs
    • Solid software engineering foundation and a commitment to writing clean, well architected code
    • Excellent problem solving and communication skills

If this sounds like you,

Please send us an email with your resume and portfolio to