About Us

Rayvector is an amalgamation of passionate and driven people coming together to shape the way Interactive technology will affect you. We are a team who firmly believe that AR/VR will become a part of everybody's life either through a handheld device, head mounted display or smart glasses.

The Team

Our hand-picked team is diverse and inclusive. We span across cultures and countries but sharing one thing in common, our passion for skill and technology.


Srikanth K Avadhani


Srikanth, an engineer and an MBA graduate has a vast experience in corporate and finance. He is also a successful serial entrepreneur heading a financial brokerage firm.


Chakravarthy Elumalai


Chakravarthy, an engineer, animation specialist, programmer and an entrepreneur, is fond of finding innovative solutions to problems and its responsible implementation.


Surendra Gopala

Head of Art


Payal Sharma

Business Dev Manager

Prashanth Krishnappa

Prashanth Krishnappa

Advisor - Creative Branding

Karkit_Sir (2) (7)

Keshava Karthik

Software Architect / Project Manager


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